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Special Pricing Transitioning Into 2020!
2020 is shaping up to be a big year! We could all use some extra guidance to stay resilient and gracefully make it through this year transformed, happier and more abundant. To do my part, I’m offering access to power sessions for just $88 (regularly $125) for a limited time.

Please note that I mostly work by phone. Distance doesn’t matter and the quality of sessions on the phone is absolutely as good as it is in person, sometimes better. I issue full refunds if you decide to cancel with reasonable notice. If you’d prefer an in person or family session, I make home visits in the London area. Please also note that I focus on mediumship, flow coaching, or development. I’ve found that information about the future coming from deceased loved ones is much more reliable than direct psychic information, and comes with wise guidance from a much higher perspective. Direct psychic information can be very useful for people who are adept at using psychic information and their own intuition to shape the future. Unfortunately, most people aren’t there yet, so I focus on mediumship rather than psychic readings, and empowering people to move forward using their own intuition to make the information I provide through the mediumship process useful. I don’t focus on making predictions about the future. If you just want to know about your future and aren’t willing to change what isn’t working in your life to move towards a better future, please don’t book a session with me.  

Power Sessions – Focused and fast paced, a great option for connecting with a specific loved one, resolving a specific issue, getting a feel for what you need to start working on, and empowering you move forward with confidence, grace and ease. Ideal for follow up sessions. 30 minutes, $125.

Full Session – A deep dive to connect with multiple loved ones, understand the dynamics at play in your life, clearly understanding your ideal path forward, and tapping into strategies to empower you to move forward with confidence, grace and ease. One hour, $200.


If you can't find a time that works for you, or if you'd rather pay via e-transfer to, please e-mail me to book an appointment time.

Please include your address in the notes section if you are booking an in-person visit.

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