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Consciousness Becomes You

Imagine for a moment that your consciousness could leave your brain:

  • • What could you learn and discover?
  • • What could you accomplish if your mind could travel wherever you focused it, to understand anything you desire, directly, from the inside out?
  • • How would your relationships improve?
  • • What would the world look like if we could all understand one another on such an intimate level?
  • • What if you were told that your consciousness can not only leave your brain, but that it already does, and that we are all immersed in a telepathic experience of the world, though few of us realize it?

In Consciousness Becomes You, the authors share personal stories, grounded conversation, and scientific research to explain that part of our minds, the connected mind, is connected to everyone and everything.

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars – A ‘Potent’ Addition to the Field of Consciousness Studies for Readers at Every Level of Understanding

By Jacqui Denomme

I was quite excited to find out that Angie Aristone (and her hubby Rod) were writing a book. I’d seen Angie give public readings and had a private one of my own. She is definitely the ‘real deal’ and has a capacity to use her talents and skills to help her clients see beyond their perceived limitations and offer them concrete assistance as they prepare to launch into new phases in their lives. Being an avid student of consciousness, and having read quite widely in this area from many perspectives and I was thus greatly interested in Angie’s take on all of this, as a practicing ‘consciousness coach’ and psychic medium.

Clearly Angie and Rod are also serious ‘students of consciousness’ and the scope of their own research and understanding of this field is both deep and broad with influences from leading authorities in this field I could discern in every well-written page. While at first I wondered (because I truly have read hundreds of books on this topic) what they could add to the body of literature in this field, I must say that I was completely blown away. In trying to come up with a brief few words to describe their book once I had finished it, it took just seconds for one word to come to mind….’POTENT’.

To me, something potent is powerfully effective even in small quantities. That is what this book is. It is a manageable read at 250 pages plus notes but there is SO much information between the covers presented concisely, yet in great depth. If you are new to consciousness studies, this book is a great primer. If you’ve been following this field with great interest for many years, there is still very much to discover.

Angie and Rod seamlessly walk readers through a way of conceiving reality from not only our own separated ‘survivor’ mind but also through what they call the ‘connected mind’. From the personal to the universal, from the theoretical to the practical they develop a very simple vocabulary of the ‘second level of reality’ that is easy to follow, nonthreatening and compatible with scientific, religious and spiritual teachings of this subject matter.

What they do, most basically, is take a subject (what I call the ‘more than meets the eye’) and bring it ‘down to earth’ and make it simple and obvious and part of normal day-to-day reality. There is no jargon here, not a wasted sentence. You could summarize this book like this:

  • • Here is what we know to be true based on our experiences, and intuition.
  • • Here are the theoretical underpinnings the the scientific evidence to support them
  • • Here is a simple framework that holds it all together in a grounded and easy-to understand way
  • • Here is how you, personally can use this information to improve your own life
  • • Here is how this information and how you use it can help make the world a better place.

If you do not have a science background, some of the detail describing how, for example holographs work might be heavy going. If you are skeptical in nature, or diligently follow a particular religious belief structure, there is nothing to offend you as far as I can discern. If you are heavily into ‘new age’ teachings what is in these pages will ground you firmly in reality while honoring your sense of wonder and possibility. Above all, there is an underlying tone of integrity, hope and generosity that is obvious throughout, and a perspective that is discerning and careful.

Congratulations to the authors on what I believe is a great addition to the consciousness studies literature. Well-written, well-thought out and presented, easy to read, extremely interesting, I will be very happy to add this to my library and hope it receives the readership it deserves.

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