Mediumship sessions almost always unfold in surprising ways. I never know who is going to show up, in what order, or what they’ll want to talk about. If you do want to talk to someone specific, they almost always come through, though they might be the first person to show up.  My aim is always to provide undeniable personal proof of your loved one’s identity and the eternal nature of consciousness while facilitating connection, reminiscing and reconciliation. 

Validations come through in many, often unexpected ways, though not always exactly in the form that people might have initially expected or wanted. I might reference a pet name someone called you in life, a tattoo done in someone’s honor, or a very personal shared experience no one knows about. My recommendation is to always stay open and flow with the process. By doing so, what does come through often turns out to be far more meaningful, specific and profound than you could have imagined.  My sessions also inevitably touch on issues you might be struggling with in your life, and your future. As always, we can focus on whatever you’d like.

Wow Moments!

I always strive to provide “wow moments” during my sessions when a piece of information is so personal, meaningful, wise, or obscure, you just have to sit back, enjoy the goose bumps, and say “Wow”. Loved ones are incredibly eager to communicate during the limited time we spend together. Almost everyone who passes has something they want to express to make their living loved ones lives better. When given a chance to express themselves, the information that comes through can be profound, exciting and highly impactful. I call these “wow moments” and have been incredibly blessed and humbled to witness so many of these beautiful moments.

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