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“I’ve been using flow for years without knowing, but working with Angie pulled back the certain to show me the process behind it so I can now start doing it on purpose and for a purpose. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to be more creative, more connected, and more productive in their everyday life.” 

Diana M. – Professional Screenwriter

Performance, productivity, learning, collaboration, enjoyment, and creative genius meet in one magical place called “flow”. Flow is that state of consciousness where time flies, yet the world and our thoughts pass by in vibrant slow motion. Stress, resistance, and worries disappear. The past, present and future coalesce into one endless moment where our actions merge with brilliant intuitive awareness and creativity. We lose our ordinary sense of self, yet connect with something far more profound and authentic. Spending time in flow, we’re left feeling deeply fulfilled, connected, and topped up.

Modern research has shown that people who spend the most time in flow are the happiest people in the world, regardless of age, culture, or circumstance. Researchers have also discovered that flow dramatically improves performance, productivity, creativity, innovation, insight, learning and collaboration in almost any endeavor. High-level athletes in flow, chess-masters mid-game, as well as psychics, mediums and shamans at work all produce strikingly similar brain wave patterns. Deeper states of flow are where we can all access useful intuitive information. Access to this information and the so-called sub-conscious mind is perhaps the best explanation for the truly extraordinary increases in performance, insight, creativity and well-being that occur in flow.

Most of us intuitively seek the benefits of flow through enjoyable activities such as sports, meditation, cooking, painting, music, etc. Flow happens naturally when you allow yourself to fully focus on what you love to do. Well all access flow somewhere in our lives, most of us just aren’t aware of what becomes possible in this amazing state.

Flow is easy. Learning to access flow at will and apply its power to our everyday lives on the other hand is a hero’s journey. It’s a challenging journey that can be greatly sped up with the help of an experienced mentor and guide. Learning to skillfully distinguish and navigate the vast, strange moments and places flow carries us to is another challenge altogether, taking plenty of practice, trial and error. 

To teach you how to access the power of flow at will and skillfully navigate while you’re there, I’ve designed 8 and 12 week focus based flow programs to help you develop the ability to slip into intuitive flow states of consciousness at will, through focus and intention alone, and apply this amazing state to your personal and professional life. 

Programs and training


Angie is the real deal! Once I finished her book, my whole perspective shifted, and the way I operated my business, and my life have up-leveled completely. I refer clients to her and continually work with her personally as it adds immense value to my life.” 

Vanessa F – Online Strategist for female entrepreneurs. 

Intuitive Self-Care Flow Coaching Package

Feeling out of balance? Losing touch with your authentic self and what makes you truly happy? Ready to come back to life and become a better, happier, healthier version of yourself but not sure where to start? Let’s get you feeling back on top of your life with some structured self-care coaching and personalized support.

Four hours of intuitive self care flow coaching with text support in between for whenever you have a question or need some support. Choose and schedule half or full hour sessions at your convenience.


Integrative Flow and Brain State Awareness Training 

In this 8 week program we will connect weekly beginning with learning about the ego so it is easily identifiable to you. We will then be learning about flow states, and have opportunities to getting to know yourself in altered states. Practice and comfort in altered states deepens them, and helps you see what part is your ego, when you’re in it, when you’re not, and the myriad of healing magic altering your state can bring.

Level UP, Identify and Deepen Your Intuitive Skills
Imagine, in 90 days…
  • • Developing a deep awareness of your brain states and your ability to access them at will.
  • • Being able to shift out of your ego into a state of peace and empowerment at will.
  • • Breaking free from the repetitive loops keeping you stuck, exhausted and frustrated.
  • • Effortlessly performing at your best.
  • • Discovering new levels of peace and happiness.
  • • Easily maintaining new levels of productivity, creativity, and collaboration.
  • • Feeling the peace, freedom, and glow of unconditional love in your relationships with others and yourself.
  • • Understanding the depth of your internal experiences.
  • • Being able to access the information field, and beginning to understand the universal “language” of nature.
  • • Discovering that your imagination isn’t simply a place to fantasize: It’s where you create the blueprint for your future and access information at a distance about the real world.

If you’re ready to take your personal growth and development to the next level and ready to embark on a thrilling journey toward understanding YOUR unique superpowers, I invite you to apply for a spot in my Level Up Intuitive Skills Program.

My Level up Flow States, Intuitive Skills, and Lifestyle Reboot is a 90 day container where you and I dive deep into the teaching of my book “Consciousness Becomes You’, and more! I’ll reveal how I do what I do so you too can comfortably and easily access new levels of consciousness and apply them in your everyday life. There is nothing more beautiful than blending flow states and intuition with your passion, whatever that is. Please email me to book a call to see if we’re a match made in heaven before purchasing.


This program has, quite literally, changed my life. I have SUCH a new perspective on my relationships with others, and have developed so many new skills in being connected and living my best life. I am getting to know my connected self, the being that I am beyond my physical body. Although it is always a work in progress, I truly feel like I am in such a better place than I was just a few weeks ago. It’s incredible.” 

~ Erin S

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