free Consultations

I understand that booking a session or signing up for a program can feel like a big step if you haven’t worked with me before. To help you to feel more comfortable and answer questions you may have about my programs and services, I offer free 15 minute consultation calls.


I am Interested in...

Developing My Own Intuitive Abilities

Research has shown that people who spend the most time in flow are the happiest people in the world, regardless of age, culture, or circumstance.

Learning More About Mediumship Sessions

My aim is to provide personal proof of your loved one's identity and the eternal nature of consciousness while facilitating connection, reminiscing, and reconciliation.

Scheduling A Session With Angie Aristone

I offer free 15-minute consultations which allows you to get a better understanding about what to expect with my services, and gain insight about which service may be best for you.

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