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Flow Synergetics

At flow synergetics we provide focus based flow training and coaching. Our passion is helping individuals and teams access the power of flow to create extraordinary synergies in life, at work, and with our planet as a whole.

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Leadership, Flow and Synergy

What makes a great leader? How do great leaders realize the grandest of dreams in alignment with the greater good? Dreams as grand as, for example, freeing a country from the oppressive rule of the most powerful military on earth? Looking to some of history’s greatest leaders, a surprising simple answer appears. Nearly a century …

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Flow, Synergy and the Bottom Line

Researchers have firmly established that flow in the workplace increases productivity, performance, innovation, collaboration, and employee wellbeing. As such, flow is rapidly becoming a competitive necessity in the 21st century, but it is also an ethical route to higher performance that doesn’t come with the cost of employee health, happiness, and wellbeing. More importantly, flow …

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