About Angie Aristone

About Angie Aristone

Working as a professional psychic-medium and animal communicator for over 18 years, Angie came to realize that consciousness-to-consciousness communication is the universal language of nature and fundamental to all of creation. In her time speaking, demonstrating and explaining her abilities to psychology classes at the University of Western Ontario, the ways in which we all dismiss, under-utilize, and demonize a very natural, sacred and vastly intelligent part of ourselves became abundantly clear. Angie made it her mission to explore and explain the nature and mechanics of consciousness with as little new-age, religious and scientific baggage as possible.

Angie explains that extraordinary abilities in flow states of consciousness, zone skills for athletes, intuition, manifestation, mediumship, animal communication, psychic readings, remote viewing and energy healing are all aspects and applications of the same innate human ability.  When applied openly with skill and the beneficent intent to facilitate co-operation, co-creation and transformation, these skills become a powerful, world-changing technology that can be applied to every area of human endeavor. 

Angie is the co-author of Consciousness Becomes You; an intimate exploration of the human mind, our telepathic connection to everything, and the world-changing power of human consciousness.  

Angie continues to remind us that consciousness is eternal and ever present by facilitating healing and reconciliation with departed loved ones using her abilities in the mediumship process. Her ability to vividly translate the personalities, mannerisms and quirks of people she brings through, along with her deep compassion, quick sense of humor, and her ability to emotionally hold space for clients has made her a highly sought after medium.  Her keen insight, depth of experience, wealth of knowledge, and her deeply moving readings make her an engaging and entertaining mentor.

Working with animals, primarily horses and their owners, Angie aims to improve the lives of animals and our relationship to nature by helping people lean into their telepathic connection with nature and animals to enhance care, performance and relationship dynamics. During workshops and speaking events, Angie and her partner Rod help people remember, experience and understand their own intuitive abilities to take into their life’s calling.

Angie holds degrees in Anthropology and Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario and has been certified in heart-centered clinical hypnotherapy.  Her partner, Roderick Alan holds degrees in Chemistry and Biophysics. Married for almost 25 years, they have explored first hand what it means to live in telepathic connection with one another and the wider world. 

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